26 October 2023

26 October 2023

Feature Flags 101: A Guide for ASP.NET Core Developers 🔗

This makes feature flags look easy. The examples define them globally in appsettings file, but I assume it could be defined anywhere in configuration, eg AAC. It mentions filters, so I suppose you could do a custom filter, eg filter on a user.

Microsoft Playwright Testing 🔗

Continuing with the Azure Load Testing theme, they now also have Playwright as a SaaS product.

50 years later, is Two-Phase Locking the best we can do? 🔗

About database locking in a transaction and how it can be improved (and scaled) with read-write locks.

Top Ten Cybersecurity Misconfigurations 🔗

Similar to the OWASP top 10 technical security flaws, this is NSA and CISA's top 10 organization security flaws.

The novel HTTP/2 ‘Rapid Reset’ DDoS attack 🔗

HTTP/2 design makes it vulnerable to this DDoS attack that can only be mitigated by rewriting your server code.

The FTX trial, day four: The fraud was in the code 🔗

if you're going to write code to do fraud, make it messy and unreadable to reduce the chances it's later put in front of a jury as evidence