16 February 2023

16 February 2023

Linting git commit messages 🔗

How to create git hooks to validate commit messages. It's suggesting a strict validation to follow some workflow rules that they use, but I can see how a less strict validation might be useful.

Introducing Cadl: Microsoft’s concise API design language 🔗

This looks like a nice attempt to define APIs in a consistent way. Probably a little too experimental to jump in just yet, but if seems like a nice idea.

The article is just a text overview. The getting started guide is a more technical intro with code samples.

Authoring and deploying Azure resources with Bicep 🔗

A really nice video that shows simply how Bicep is so much better than ARM. And introduces some best practises and shows the helpful auto-completion.

Continuously validate and test your mission-critical Azure workloads 🔗

Combine Azure Chaos Studio and Azure Load Testing to make sure your application is resilient.