Hacking Google

Hacking Google

Hacking Google 🔗

Hacking Google series on YouTube.

6 episodes of about 18 minutes each

TL:DR; nothing new, nothing detailed, Google promoting themselves. Entertainment.

Episode 000: Operation Aurora 🔗

December 14 2009. Biggest attack on Google. War room became a war building for 6 weeks. They had to cut everyone off the internal Google network and clean it completely. Attributed to China.

Episode 001: Threat Analysis Group 🔗

More Google promotion. They over-stated the protection that 2FA gives you.

Episode 002: Detection & Response 🔗

Yada yada. More over-stating - that re-imaging the machine is foolproof.

Episode 003: Red Team 🔗

More self-promotion.

Episode 004: Bug Hunters 🔗

Interesting intro - Donald Knuth couldn't finish his book because he didn't want to release it until it was perfect, but eventually realised he should release it when it was good enough, and reward people for telling him about errors.

One of the better episodes in this series.

Episode 005: Project Zero 🔗

Google finding and fixing bugs in other people's products, to make the whole internet safer. And giving a 90 day deadline to fix it, or make it public.

Hacking Google to Defend Enterprise 🔗

More marketing about how all of this makes Google Cloud secure.